Logo and Mascot of 2011 Indonesia SEA Games

Burung Garuda : Logo of 2011 Indonesia SEA Games

To host the SEA Games in 2011 has the meaning of hard work for Indonesia. Many things must be prepared to pick up the success Games of these Southeast Asian countries.

In addition to selecting beautiful date 11 November 2011 or 11/11/11 to set as the day of opening ceremonies, Indonesia SEA Games Organizing Committee (Inasoc) also prepared a variety of efforts for the SEA Games to be memorable especially for Indonesia and all participating countries. One of the impressions building efforts is done by specifying a logo that depicts Eagle with the philosophy of “Garuda Flight above Indonesia Nature”. As a symbol of the country, Garuda in the global sphere is well known and directly associated with Indonesia.

Garuda logo was officially introduced January 15, 2011 at the kick off event, 300 Days toward the SEA Games in Tanah Airku Theatre, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta. Physically, the Garuda symbolizes the power and its flaps wings represent the grandeur or glory.

In the logo, the head was given the red streaks symbolizing courage, fighting spirit, the spirit of play which also reflects the nationalism. The green streaks shaped mountain symbolizing Indonesia Nature Mountains and streaks of blue wave symbolizing the ocean archipelago.

The concept, is about the mighty Garuda as a guidance and as a protective figure, flying high above the Earth Mother which is rich in natural resources of forest, mountain, and maritime.

This spirit seems able to inspire athletes of Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke. Proud of their own country and compete in sportsmanship with friendly countries.

Eleven small orange circles that resembles the petals form of a large circle is a representation of the 11 participating countries.


Modo Modi : Mascot of 2011 Indonesia SEA Games

Komodo Lizards have been living in the Eastern parts of the Indonesian archipelago for millions of years. Yet, humans only noticed their existence about a century ago.

Capable of reaching sizes of up to three meters and weighing 130 kilograms, the komodo is the largest existing lizard today. Apart from their gigantic size, the komodo lizard is recognizable by its flat-shaped head; round nose; rough skin; large, bent feet; and a long but burly tail.

So far the Komodo population has been somewhat stable, with numbers reaching 3.000 to 5.000 on Komodo Island, Gila Motang, Rinca, and Flores. Unfortunately, as females are experiencing troubles in incubating their eggs, and due to smuggling, human-related distortions, and various natural disasters, the lizzards are on the brink of exitinction.

It is because of their decreasing numbers, and because komodos are a source of  national pride, Modo and Modi, the SEA Games 2011 mascots were created. As the SEA Games mascots, Modo and Modi are depicted as hard working, fair, gentle, friendly, and very good-spirited. All these positive characters represent Indonesia’s heart and soul, and is expected to be the foundation for building a harmonious relationship and cooperation with other SEA Games participating countries.

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